The Hungry Club Forum of Savannah, Inc. (HCFS) welcomes the opportunity to work with diverse organizations and individuals on this worthwhile community awareness and educational empowerment and enrichment forum. Membership provides:

1) Membership in a community-oriented organization where the mission is to present a forum for increasing awareness of issues and topics of importance to the growth and progress of the total community, and to generate dialogue and exchange of ideas and information.

2) Input into identifying ways in which the forum series may assist you in your endeavors and programs, as well as input into the development of the program of the forum series and the recommendation of projects, speakers and presenters.

3) Networking, linkages and partnership opportunities with other persons of influence from a broad spectrum of the Savannah and Coastal Area.

4) Membership certificate, card and frequent communications and updates of the HCFS’ activities and community interests.

Membership Selection:
Sponsoring Member $5,000 up annually
Supporting Member $1,000 up annually
Contributing Member $250 up annually
Small Business Partner Member $250 up annually
Church Partner $250 up annually
Non-Profit Organization $250 up annually
General Membership $100 annually
Associate Member $50 annually
Student Member $25 annually

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