The mission of The Hungry Club Forum of Savannah, Inc. (HCFS) is to provide a public forum for increasing the awareness of educational, economic development and cultural enrichment issues and topics of importance to the growth and progress of the community, and generating dialogue and the exchange of ideas and information.

The Hungry Club Forum of Savannah, Inc.’s (HCFS) mission is realized through the pursuit of the following important goals:

To serve the Savannah Area community by providing a public vehicle in which public and private partnerships, linkages and networks of all kinds may participate in an open forum, generating dialogue about issues of importance to the total community, thereby creating opportunities for identifying commonalities that may allow for the development of strategies and solutions for progress.

To develop and provide educational, economic development and cultural enrichment programs and activities that bring together diverse segments of the community to support and enhance community development.

To promote citizenship education and participation.

To serve as a clearinghouse of research, resources, information and activities in the community.

To promote, strengthen and expand the participation of African Americans in all aspects of community life.

To provide opportunities for public and private organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals to showcase their concepts, products and services and talents.

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